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The dry season is the peak tourist season and is certainly when things are the busiest, although never as busy as some of the popular and often over-crowded North American and European tourist destinations.

Tropical North Queensland's dry season is when the weather is highly suited to all sorts of holiday exploits, from diving or fishing on the reef, boating, sailing and other water sports, to playing golf, taking in the sun, exploring the rainforest and dining outdoors. The weather is warm, pleasant and totally predictable (little rain). There's little or no humidity, no bugs, no need for 4WD or all-terrain vehicles to get around, no marine stingers and no unexpected downpours. It's a great time of year to be here with a vibrancy and excitement that ensures a great time.

However, the green season (once a time for the locals to relax, take stock and get ready for the next “dry”) is rapidly gaining in popularity with tourists – for good reason.

Firstly, there are fewer tourists so things are a lot more relaxed and casual. You can get on a tour or into a restaurant with little or no pre-booking. Prices are often lower, especially for travel and accommodation. There are also often many specials available.

More importantly, it is the most spectacular time of year for those who love nature at its best. The tropical storms and downpours (usually lasting only short periods in the late afternoon or evening) turn the rainforest, the mountains, the waterfalls and the countryside into a spectacular world of beauty, fun and adventure.

The mountainside waterfalls in particular are awe-inspiring when in full flow and this is the only time of year you can witness the famous Barron Falls at their best.

Its called the “green season” for a very good reason. You can almost see things grow.

Unlike many resort areas around the world, there's definitely no “closed” season in Tropical North Queensland. Most tours, restaurants, accommodation, shops and tourist activities and venues continue to operate all year. There's little rest for the locals these days but they're always warm and friendly.

Remember, just because you've been here before doesn't mean you've seen it all. Everyone should experience both the dry and the green seasons in Tropical North Queensland at least once in their lives. After you have, you'll want to come back again and again

What to Expect

Tropical North Queensland has two very distinct and spectacularly different seasons. The “dry” season (April to November) and the “green” season – or what was once called the “wet” season – December to March. Both have a special beauty and their own distinct advantages.

The year-round climate features warm to very warm days and cool to warm tropical nights.



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